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Surface Protection films

Pentaflex Films has developed its core competence in the field of surface protection films or also called masking film. As the name suggests, these surface protection films are designed to prevent abrasion, scratching during manufacturing and damage during delivery cycles. These protective film can withstand the stress of manufacturing processes like bending, cutting, deep drawing, and mechanical handling during manufacturing and transportation.


The films are used to protect various surfaces like color coated sheets, Stainless steel sheets, ACP panels, Aluminum sheets, PC/PVC/Acrylic sheets, Decorative laminates, Glazed tiles, and marble.

Lamination Films

Lamination films are laminated with printed polyester films which are basically used to enhance the shelf life of the product and also to protect the product.They are used in flexible packaging and flexible lamination of food products.


Below are few benefits:


Excellent machinability.
Ensures high-speed FFS operations.
High puncture and tear resistance with excellent bond strength.
Very good hot-tack & seal strength..
High clarity films for stand-up pouches.
High strength films for 5kgs & 10kgs packing.

Agriculture Mulch Films

Pentaflex Films is a pioneer in Agriculture Mulch Films. Mulching is the process of covering the soil or ground with a film to make it more favorable for plant growth, development, and efficient crop production. Mulching films are used in protecting the soil from the effect of the local climate.


Few benefits:
It prevents soil moisture and water loss.
It helps in facilitating fertilizer placement and lessen the loss of plant nutrients through leaching.
Mulch provides a barrier to soil pathogens.
Opaque mulch blocks the sunlight and prevents germination of annual weeds.
Mulch films benefits in early and quality growth of many vegetables like tomatoes and peppers.


Frozen Foods


The Frozen Food industry and consumer expectations are rising simultaneously. To meet these expectations we have world-class quality packaging system for frozen foods like french fries, sea food and vegetables.

Dairy Products


Milk packaging films preserves and makes the product shelf-stable in ambient conditions.

Agricultural Products


We offer packaging for many agricultural products like pesticides, seeds, and fertilizers. Along with these we also have agricultural mulch films.



We cater to the entire FMCG industry like salt, wheat flour, rice, sugar, tea, coffee, dry-fruits, spices and snacks.

Home care


We offer plastic packing for the range of home care products like cleaning products and toiletries

Processed Food 


A wide range of industrially manufactured food products can be categorized in processed food. In this industry, quality is a major aspect and packing is the center measure to ensure it. We offer packaging for various processed foods like vegetables, fruits, sea food and ready-to-eat.



We provide a high-level of quality packaging for the industrial products to make sure your products reach safely.

Hygiene Products


Plastics are the perfect material for packaging of health care products because it is cost effective, easy to ship and store. So we offer a perfect packaging material for hygiene industry especially Diapers and Sanitary Napkins.