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8 Color BOBST CI Flexo Printing


We have adopted the new revolution in printing industry, which is 8-color CI Flexo Printing Machine. The cutting edge technology and high manufacturing standards ensure premium print quality and long-lasting values. CI flexo presses meet the requirements of the most demanding package printing applications.


As the next frontier in food packaging safety, CI Flexo adheres to the global standards of using NTNK Inks (non-toluene non-ketone). This would ensure that our prints match the most stringent food safety norms of many countries.

Five Layer POD Blown Film Line

Five Layer Poly-Olefin Dedicated (POD) fully automized blown film line from Gloucester Engineering Co Ltd, USA. This advanced technology gives us more productivity and greater flexibility to produce a wide range of products from a single line.

Film production capacity is up to 400 ton per month with film width up to 2500 MM. When comparing with the three-layer POD, the additional two layers in this machine allow specific functionalities such as scalability, optics, and mechanicals. The automatic thickness control from Plastcontrol, Germany ensures better thickness uniformity across web width. Auto taper and auto tension control systems ensure maximum usability for our clients.

An Eye For Colours

We choose the right depth, density and proportion with the help of our new 8 Color C.I. Flexo Printing Machine.

Other Machines

Two Color Wide Width Rotogravure Printing Machine

  • We also have the facility to print two color rotogravure printing for width up to 2500mm. This facility caters the market of wide width jobs like a container- liners, wide width surface protection films, etc.

High-Speed Slitting Machine 

  • Speed: 500 mt/min

Excellent Quality & Services


We believe that quality is not by chance, it is by choice. Hence to stand on our words we have developed a quality control department to check quality at all levels of production. Our laboratory facilitates us with the following equipment:


Opacity Tester– Used in measuring opacity and whiteness of printing ink papers and plastics.
COF Tester– Used in measuring the static and dynamic frictions
Melt Flow Tester– Measures the polymer viscosity
Universal Testing Machine– Helps in testing the tensile strength and compressive strength of the materials.
Dart Impact Tester– Measures the Impact Strength
Density Tester– Measures density of polymers and composite films